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A.V.E Poster

The AVE poster was homework set for the Christmas break holidays. Students created a poster from scratch, choosing any style or theme freely. It was recommended that inspiration be drawn from posters found on Pinterest.

My Thoughts:
Really enjoyable project, I experimented with several images for my background before deciding on my final one! It was great fun,  I had to test what worked best, particularly when considering how to compliment the background with text.
Several things I had to account for when dealing with the font – weight, balance and contrast of color and styles.
I also added rulers in as guidelines to create a margin, this allowed me to maintain the composition and alignment of all text. Continue reading A.V.E Poster


Indian Head Dress

PBI Lesson:
Using Photoshop, students learnt how to use the mask and channel tools.
The mask tool allows students to add a mask to a layer, meaning portions of the layer can be selectively hidden or revealed. The benefits of masking allows multiple photos to be combined into a single image.
Channels are responsible for storing the color information for images, these include RBG – (,green) and CMYK (cyan,magenta,green,black) When selecting an area in the image, a new channel will open and this will b saved as Alpha. Continue reading Indian Head Dress

Lesson Summary: IV

PBI Lesson:
Free period to catch up on any outstanding work

My Thoughts:
I joined another class and watched Mark (Lecturer) pour a can of beans onto a scanner, in an effort to find something interesting in the image once it was uploaded to the screen. Other images included his face, biscuits and flowers. 😀