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Lesson Summary: I

LSDS Lesson:
The lesson introduced the programme Keynotes in replacement for Microsoft’s Powerpoint.
A quick run through on the basics was given to students on how to create a simple slide. In an aim to prep students for their presentations in week 7 for the module DAP on two digital artists.

My Thoughts:
I based my Keynote presentation on 8bitego’s Pixel Vision work produced by Josh Summana.


Experimenting With Focal Points

Third week in LSDS was based on 3D animation and depth of field in the programme Cinema 4D. The aim was to produce marble like objects and give a sense of depth. The lesson covered existing skills such as cloner, texturing, landscape, sky, and rendering but it also introduced the new skill of adding a camera and adjusting its settings i.e focal point and/or blur. Continue reading Experimenting With Focal Points

Kirby Ferguson ‘Everything Is A Remix’

LSDS Lesson:
Week two focused on the understanding of creativity and where it roots from.
Writer, director and speaker Kirby Ferguson produced 4 short videos titled ‘Everything is a remix’ he discussed the significance of copying and showed examples of other artists across different media such as film, television and music. He explained that creativity is acquired through copying, inspiring, further developing and re-releasing. Lastly Ferguson outlined the importance of Copyright and how it works. Continue reading Kirby Ferguson ‘Everything Is A Remix’