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Inverse & Forward Kinematics

The aim of the lesson was to introduce two important key concepts:

  1. local axis vs global axis (object axis vs world axis)
  2. forward kinematics vs inverse kinematics

Students were provided with a site to aid in inspiration and boost the imagination. The site is compiled with vast content of animation.
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Experimenting With Textures

3DAN Lesson:
Students cemented their skills in C4D by practicing and experimenting with textures.
Each student was open to choice in what was created and texturised. Before starting textures, the lecturer introduced two new tools that demonstrated making objects such as a tap.
My Thoughts:
This lesson offered a lot of freedom which was fun. I came across a few technical issues when rendering, and couldn’t work out why i was only seeing a black screen in front me, soon after it was pointed out to me that my object had nothing to reflect off.

Syncing Audio with Animation

3DAN Lesson:
Week four was focused on developing students skills in Cinema 4D. It was comprised of modelling text quotes, animating them and synchronising it with an audio clip that read the text aloud.
During the lesson it was also suggested that animation can be achieved using Photoshop, however the majority used Cinema 4D. The primary tools used were Splines and/or MoText.
Using the font view mainly and in the perspective view for a consistent use of render, ensured the text was textured and lighted suitably. Continue reading Syncing Audio with Animation

Introduction To C4d: Part II

Week three continued on from week two’s 3D work, adding more objects into the Woodland environment. However the primary focus of the lesson was to animate objects such as the car.

An introduction on the fundamentals of animation were demoed before students practiced on their own.  This covered a navigation around the interface exploring new tabs and windows purely designed for animation as well as an advanced understanding of the ‘X,Y,Z’ axis/positioning  in relation to animated objects. Continue reading Introduction To C4d: Part II

Introduction To C4D: Part I

3DAN Lesson:
Second week animation was an ambitious topic, the lesson had advanced onto 3D modelling an aesthetically pleasing environment.
This required a bit more skill and thought process, but also good memory skills, as it involved working with several layers.
The lesson introduced new tools such as extruder, spline, freehand and bend. It also developed skills in navigation around the interface and the ‘X, Y, Z’  axis i.e rotation, zoom in/out and object manipulation. Continue reading Introduction To C4D: Part I

Collision Blocks

3DAN Lesson:
Week 1 of 3D Animation was an introduction to two bits of key software; Photoshop & Cinema 4D (C4D). The aim of the lesson was to learn the fundamentals of each software and to navigate around the tool-bars efficiently by using an extensive range of shortcuts such as Command N to create a new file, Command R for rulers and Command T to transform an object etc.

The topic of the lesson ‘3D modelling and animation of heads’ was a great way for students to introduce themselves to one another. Continue reading Collision Blocks