Task 6


Brainstorming phrases/quotes that clumsy and unintelligent ogres would say. Orge’s are all about brute strength and enjoy being destructive, using their oversized arms and fist’s to “crush” and “smash” smaller and less insignificant beings or creatures.


In this image I am pinning down particular quotes with actions to later develop into meme’s stickers or badges for my opposing campaign.




The Ogre’s have seen the Elves propaganda poster and decided to draw over it as they dont have the resources or intelligence to print their own posters. They have re-worded the poster to their liking and used it as their main image in support of their propaganda campaign. The design is meant to be very basic and child-like as the Ogre’s are not very creative, sophisticated or talented.

Ogre Poster_A3.


“Me smash, you die”

There main tool for destruction is their spiked club, which they aggressively use to attack when threatened.

Ogre Memes


“Me crush YOU”

Using nature’s resources and brute strength, Orge’s gather huge boulders or rocks to throw or squash at enemies.

Ogre Memes2.jpg


“Me strong”

Orge’s are aware of the enormous size and superior strength to the Elves.

Ogre Memes3


“Me smash, you die”

Ogre T-shirt.

Images I drew in Illustrator 



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