Task 4


My animation is designed to be very subtle. I have designed 3 versions and decided to work with animation 3.

There are 3 components being animated in this story board:

  1. Glowing of the text – this is to be a smooth 2 sec transition from glowing to non glowing and is meant to replicate the concept of a ‘pulse’. The glow would be a mystic blue colour to represent¬†the magic substance ‘mana’.
  2. Resting and Elevation of the symbol – following the same principles as the ‘glowing of the text’ this also acts a smooth transition of floating or ‘bobbing’ up and down. However this action is to take place interchangeably with the text i.e so as the text is glowing the symbol is resting.
  3. The ‘arcane crystals’ within the symbol – the two dot-like designs, ¬†are to be spinning and rotating on its own axis. This is to take place throughout the entire theoretical animation and is on a constant cycle – I.e spinning when the symbol is both rested and elevated.



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