Task 3


Students were asked to create a propaganda poster for their Utopian/Dystopian narratives. It can purely be type or it can display images. Some examples of propaganda poster and manifestos looked at in lesson.





Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 14.38.10.png

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 22.15.22.png


Arcane Poster_A3.


Manifesto by Aaralin Sun-strider

I love that our nation is strong, faithful and resilient. I love that we have overcome all our fears against all odds. We have seen the eyes of our past enemies, we have fought in 3 Wars! We have stared into the abyss and we have lost many beloved brethren’s along the way, but we are still here, still fighting and we are conquerers!

I believe the time has come again when we must fight! And defend ourselves from the enemy. The enemy has us marked, they want to go one step further than killing us…they want to destroy us! Will we Elves of Highborn descent, nation to the Sin’dorei allow this to happen?…allow mindless beasts, Ogre’s, of little intelligence to think they hold power over us? No, this is not the way of our ancestors, and we will do right in honouring them with the blood of our enemies!

I am committed in defeating our enemy, you are committed in defeating our enemy, but first friends we must prepare if we are to succeed. Therefore those who have the ability to wield Arcane magic and manipulate the elements, join me in this battle, align your energy with us and claim your place in the powerful army that we are! and let ALL our enemies know this, we are not to be reckoned with.

Our hearts are heavy, our heads hang low, as we grieve for the loss of our Arch-mage, but our spirits are strong and if death by magic fails, the last thing the Orge’s will hear, are the shattering of their bones when our weapon crack their skulls.

Friends, Comrades, Elves, the revolution is now, the legend is now, and so I encourage you to claim what is yours – avenge our Arch-mage, defend our lands and together we will be once again be victorious!

Victory to the Sin’dorei!


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