Tutor Template Draft

Again going off in our own directions, i produced my version of the tutor template with a customised theme. I designed it with the selected swatch palette we picked as a group.

This was my version/ idea of how i wanted the app to look and feel, i like the idea of keeping it minimal, colourful, curvy and friendly, avoiding like the plague not to give off a cooperate impression as this personally turns me away from ANY app.

I can’t stress enough how important i feel it is to keep the app looking soft, friendly and curvy, and have really pushed for this in the group. I believe uni can be a stressful environment for anyone and entering something like blackboard is the last tedious task you want to do when filtering through information, therefore in my design i was really stretching for an upbeat app that is entertaining or at the very least refreshing, so that when you do enter it you not swamped or overwhelmed with what to do, how to do do it or where to go.

I think the simpler it is the better!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 14.36.32Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 22.02.44

here you view the full version.

Tutor Template


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