How to use, How not to use.

Similarly following UWL Brands guidelines, we used the same framework for how the brand should be used and how it should not be.

Examples look at manipulating the the typeface and colour, these are no no’s .

How to use:
1) Only the colours from the palette can be chosen to change the brand.
2) A maximum of 3 colours can be used at any  one time.
3) Only Futura or Century Gothic typeface.

How not to use:
1) Colours not picked from brand palette.
2) More than 3 colours at a time.
3) Any Other Typeface
4) Logo to be rotated, or shuffled into a different order.
5) Repositioning of logo in relation to Text i.e Stacked.
6) Reposition of text.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.41.02.png


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