Logo Development

My partner Enya, had the idea of using the letters of LSFMD to create a symbol as we both agreed the tile of LSFMD was too long to get any practical use out of it, additionally  LSFMD is so broad in terms of subject and diversity it was difficult to pinpoint  a singular existing object like a camera or pen that could umbrella and represent the whole of LSFMD. Having liked the idea of letters forming together, the concept of puzzle pieces navigated us towards block like letters which through animation could come together and pull apart. Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.30.04.png

Digitalising the sketches and experimenting with colour and shape.

The largest Image, is the logo we settled on as it incorporates all letters and has the most readability.

Below is testing the logo against the typeface to get an idea of the whole brand.


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