Icon Sketches

These were some sketches I  made for the individual course models, Initially we were trying to reappropriate the letters of the course title into a symbol so we could unify it with the main logo of LSFMD, however this was proving difficult with regard to the readability and aesthetics, especially when course titles constituted of two or more words that  i.e Luxury Design Innovation and Brand Management. (too long)

We then researched a bit more and found UEL website where we spotted the use of symbols which could be indentified to a word or suggestion. Both agreeing to this idea, we brainstormed some icons to match BA and MA course titles.
Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 15.04.56.png
Journalism – Book, Pen, Ear, Globe, Newspaper
Fashion – Sewing Kit, Scissors, Flag, Mannequin, Feather Material, Handbag, Hanger
Graphic Design – Pen, Tablet, Sculpture
Advertising and PR – Billboard, Stack of papers, Sales
Photography – Camera
Film – Camera, Cut Scene
Visual Effects – Eye, Magic Wand
Radio Multimedia Audio Production – Speaker, Radio, Sound Waves
Media and Communications – Speakerphone, Newspaper, Social Media

Branding Advertising and Communication – Billboard, Speaker, Pen
Film Production – Camera, Cut Scene, Umbrella, Lighting
Luxury Design Innovation and Brand Management – Tablet, Illustration, Pen, Light Bulb

Using Google, we searched these objects, used the Bezier tool in AI to create them into vectors for our final Icons.


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