Re-branding UWL: What they already have


We found that UWL school for LSFMD was pretty boring and dull  in terms of the colour pallette and the design. The symbol replicating something similar to a ‘bullseye’ – a circle with a smaller inner circle and the colours of black grey and white – which to me sparks no creativity or vibrancy, however does bring a sense of unity and totality. We also found another symbol; a larger circle with pixelated colours – more vibrant, however this symbol was placed nowhere and was challenging to find.

UWL’S other schools had however more vibrancy and character to their symbols and overall palette, for example ‘college of music’ used tranquil nature colours of blues, greens and yellows and their logo representing sound waves. Other schools like ‘Nursing and Midwifery’ were strong in character and had palettes that reflected ‘femininity’, ‘love ‘and ‘nurture’ and was found using pink purply tones.

UWL state in their guidelines they wish to be recognised  as ‘creative’ ‘professional’ ‘state of the art facilities’ and ‘to be nationally and internationally recognised as a vibrant hub of creative learning‘. From the research above, I would say our school was the most disappointing in terms of brand and couldn’t be further from their goals. We decided  to create a brand to be equally creative and vibrant and live up to the standards of the guidelines, particularly as we are the school of design…


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