Lecture Notes: Brands

Visual Identity – Describes the visual devices used to represent the company. Identity systems are visual components that are …..with style guidelines and & used as a framework.
A logo – Is the central identifiable visual element that helps customers share and remeber company brands. It is a memory device. This can be in the form of an icon, symbol or logotype or a combination of the two.

To create and manage a brand project you will need both strategies and designers.

Questions to ask? 
– Who are the competitors?
– What is the heritage?
– What is the USP?
-What values and beliefs should the brand have?
-What do we want our customers to experience?

Strategies from the beginning
1) Define a brand personality
2) Do a complete benchmark

Brand Personality 
A set of human characteristics that we attach to a brand.

– Sincerity

E.g Marlboro cigarettes are associated with cowboys and the West
E.g Apple is connected with young personalities

Values connected with behaviour. How do you classify what is good or bad? – cultural circumstance

Big brands usually have no more than five values:

E.g Coca Cola – they are not connected to fizzy drinks, instead they make their own association i.e their secret recipe. In addition the also connect themselves through icons, symbols and ideology.

Virgin: Innovation, Fun, Value for money, Quality, Sense of challenge

British Airways: Safe & Secure, Responsible & Honest, Global & Caring, Innovation & Team spirit.

British Red Cross: Humanity, Unity, Independence.

Bodyshop: Social, Responsible, Ethical; Animal & Environment protection.

Nike: Inspirational, Authentic, Performance

Research to look for your competitors, Test them against variables: Price, Location, Customer Satisfaction

1) Check mission & vision
2) List intended target audience
3) Understand how branded wishes to be perceived
4) Spot USP
5) Prepare you design brief

Walt Disney: To make people happy

Nike: To experience competition

BBC: To educate & entertain

Amazon: Customer fulfillment

Target Audience 
Categorise audience on demographic & needs

Client Vision/ Perceiving 
– Personality

Prepare design brief
– Target Audience
– Messaging objectives
– Values & mission of brand
– Product services
– Formats for delivery
– Other practical needs

The object of a logo is to act as a memory device; to identify, communicate a desire thought or feeling.

Logotype & Wordmark
– Disney
– Fedex
– Dell
– Nasa

Iconic & Symbolic 
– Apple
– Disney
– Nike
– Volkswagen



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