Names & Logos

Our initial thinking of for names arrived at ‘My Time’ a resemblance to ‘iphone’ ‘imac’ ‘i’
but replace the ‘i’ with ‘my’ and drawing attention to the concept of a ‘personalised’ calendar app, that is designed to run on your ‘time’.

This is not a set idea and subject to change.

We found it difficult to locate or create a logo that could represent this word logo. 2 ideas were prominent, the first was a clock, for obvious reasons of ‘time keeping/managing’ and the second was an elephant for reasons related to the great memory recall elephant are known to have. The relation of an elephant’s memory to our app appeared because the idea of our app, is to be ‘personalise’ almost like a diary and should date past, present and future events in your calendar.Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 19.08.36.png


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