Lecture Summary: Visual Studies


Humans tend to simply an image E.G: – 4 dots, humans will simplify this into a square.

In an another example there is ‘levelling’ and ’emphasism’ E.G: – Picasso painting emphasises the horses teeth.

Emphasis can also be seen in caricature portraits.

We do not see isolated parts, we see relations between parts.
Low = More curves e.g Calligraphy (connected)
High = Less curves (disconnected)

Categorise things that look in unison E.G: – the chairs, each chair has a unique style, however they conform to the standard frame of a chair and are made from the same material.

CONTINUITY: We automatically connect the space between features E.G: – WWF Panda 

CLOSURE: We automatically simplify and create closure  E.G: – Watermelon

FIGURE AND GROUND: Two images in one

Based on brightness levels. E.G – The smaller grey boxes are the same colour.

Based on scale, dependent on the context  i.e. proportion. E.G – The inner circle is the same size.

Based on semiotics. E.G: ,-  wealth


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