Lecture Summary

The lesson looked over our module guide, and detail into our first assignment – designing a mobile app for students of UWL.

Important notes and suggestions that were covered when working as a team and things to be mindful of when creating the app;
The first – to perhaps work using a ‘Gant Chart’ allocating time in a illustrative way for start and end dates of an element within a project.

In short it is creating a critical path which tracks the status of each task.

The second- to use 3 pillars as the cornerstone of the the product to be produced; 1) PRODUCTION, 2)DECIMATION 3) CONSUMPTION
-Why are we producing it?
-What is the purpose?
-Who is the target audience?
-How do we intend to make it?

-How do we get it out into the world?

-Who uses it as an end product?
-Does it work?
-Consider consumers pov


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