Lecture Summary

This was a great lesson! Our lecturer introduced us to the concept ‘Pecha Kucha’ a japanese word translated to ‘chit chat’- it is a style of presenting.
Pecha Kucha is delivered in the form of a 6min 40sec presentation, consisting of 20 slides and spending precisely 20sec per slide. This type of discipline allows the presenter to be concise and informative and to keep their audience engaged.
The lesson also looked over a TED Talk led by Eddie Selover who discussed Pecha Kucha in depth and his reasons for using it (which was inspiring)

Lastly our lecturer gave us a presentation based on an initial object she had in mind, in this example it was ‘Pears Soap’- the presentation began with the soap which led astray to another topic that shared some connection but was not greatly related, this was repeated through 15 slides, each slide distancing from the last until eventually it led back to ‘pears Soap’.

Students were set homework to create a pecha kucha presentation based on their given topic.


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