The majority of these signs have an arrow indicating a direction to an area or a service.

In the examples i’ve found, few locations are repeated such as ‘Lawrence Hall’ ‘Warwick’ and ‘Peter John’ suggesting they are areas of significance.

Almost all of the way finding signs and symbols give direction to the toilets, using the universal symbols of male and female persons, no words are used.

I noticed the wayfinding signage did not state the current location, only offering continued or new direction.

Places of significance were capitalised.

The last sign I found interesting was the ‘Push to Open’ – rather than a symbol or illustration it was given in the form of text.

WhatsApp-Image-20160516 (1)

items we see all the time in the digital world:
-on/off button
-play, pause, forward

digital activities described for digital world:
– recycle -> refresh
– magnify
-light bulb

newly invented icons for the digital world:
– wifi
– 3 dots/bars for menu
– @
-location pinpoint

 i like: 
– amazon: because it has a big search bar, easy interface, recently reviewed items, suggested items and profile account settings in the top right corner, everything you need can be found on one page.

– Asos: absolutely love the filter system on this, you can refine the settings and find exactly what, brand, colour, size style etc you are looking for, it avoids scrolling through countless pages, getting dizzy and bored! i love the type, the color and the recently viewed item displayed at the bottom, also the fact that you can save items.

i don’t like:
– facebook: because all the text is everywhere, you can’t bring focus to one thing,. If you’re a new user you have no idea where to start. Getting to your profile is complicated if you not familiar with the icons, and when first logging in you are positioned on the ‘feed’ page not your ‘profile page’.
Overall too much text in too small of area.

-Next: hate this website, especially when you go to the clearance section, the filters are useless, you can’t locate or refine things greatly, there is no recently viewed list, if you lose sight of an item you have to begin the tedious scrolling again. no saved items or wish list, so every time you return you have to search your item from scratch.


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