Re-appropriated Images

Students were asked to explore processes that randomise existing narratives in media; Still Image, Moving Image, Sound & Text narrative.

My Thoughts:
Initially tricky at first because my photoshop skills were lost over the summer break! I eventually came to grips with things and had a lot of fun experimenting with different shapes and techniques.

The still Images are 3 famous paintings by artists; Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh and Sandro Botticelli.

Using the same technique for Frida Kahlo’s and Van Gogh’s Creative Cats paintings, I chopped the images into unequal rows and rearranged the order.
The variations are demonstrated clearer in Frida Kahlo’s painting. There was no intent structure behind this, I felt that the painting had more components than Van Gogh’s and enjoyed shuffling the features/colours around. I like that I’ve kept a subtle structure – with the eyes remaining centred and not so distant from the lower half of her face.. to keep some narrative.

The Van Gogh painting I kept structured but also divided into multiple rows when experimenting.
I enjoy this look because it provides a mystery of the cats true proportion.. but also rearranging into this order reminded me of scrolling up and down on digital screens, sometimes the illusion appears when two of the same images are laid out consecutively on a page.

Botticelli’s ‘The birth of Venus’ was my favourite Image – having an ethnic background from Paphos (Cyprus – Aphrodite’s Birth Place) myself was of no influence and chosen purely for it’s great narrative and components.

This image was great for experimenting! My method was using the ‘mask’ tool –  I used two images to create an out of sync illusion; The first image was the original untouched, whilst the other was a patterned stencil I created using shapes.

I then moved onto ‘Moving Images’ using ‘AMC’S The Walking Dead’ title credits. I chopped the Video up in After effects, created multiple layers and used the ‘mask tool’ to reorder the material. There was no structure to this but was a good insight to what crazy potential projects can be produced using this method.


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