The Shared Wonder Of Film Review

A very Interesting talk led by Beeban Kidron.
Many of her points resonate a understanding and similar experience to my life.

Kidron begins her message with an introduction to human behaviour and our innate ability to create identity through narrative i.e cave paintings to storytelling. Moving on to discuss that cinema (arguably) has become the the world’s most powerful and influential tool in creating narrative; an incomprehensible amount  of images, languages and philosophies brought in the time of a century.

However the idea of normality is forever changing but the passing down of information to younger generations has become a rarity, and for this reason it is understandable that the younger generation live in a time where their technological culture has never been greater and their narrative culture never weaker.
Kidron asks, how can we expect the same strengths in cinema when the younger generation have little understanding of their roots.

From my personal experience, there are many films I’ve seen and left thinking ‘there was no story line, it was just a parade of special effects’ –  these were my thoughts exactly after watching Peter Berg’s blockbuster hit ‘Battleships’ (2012).

Kidron explains that films of her generation and before her time
provided ‘communality’ they provoked and inspired people to start conversations and debates over questions that left them curious or choices they would keep or change had it been them as the character in the narrative.

She makes the comparison of today’s generation saying;  ‘young people, negotiating a world with infinite choice, but little culture of how to find meaningful experience.’

Kidron draws on her personal experience with films –  as a child born into the UK she did not understand the silence of her immigrant parents and therefore did not understand the life they endured, it was not until Leni Riefenstahl’s Nazi propaganda film that her brought understanding.
I interpreted this as a comfort to Kindron, as she explained films like this brought more interest to her than the whispers of survivors.

Overall an inspiring talk leaving me with a hunger to seek out classical era films and question them, or even to compare the narratives between the classics to the 21st century block buster hits.


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