Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

A novel written by Philip. K Dick was his best known work and adapted into the film Blade Runner.

The story encompasses two dominant races; the humans and the androids. Set on a future Earth that has greatly suffered at the events of a World War Three referred to as a World War Terminus (WWT).

The majority of human race have emigrated to other planets where they settle down on colonies; such as Mars and only a few humans remain on Earth because they do not meet the IQ standards to emigrate, they are referred to as the ‘chicken heads’.

The human character Rick Dickard- a bounty hunter whose job is to ‘retire’ escaping androids from other colonies, wants to own an animal. The animals are symbolic for hierarchal position, as they have become a rarity due to the destructions of the war, causing nuclear leakage. He almost obtains one, though close to his death when trying to retire five Nexus 6 androids, which are the most advance of them yet.

I found the book quite philosophical and bleak outlook on future earth, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the imagination that was created for me when reading about the post apocalyptic earth. I like the fact that animals represented a form of rarity and heir-achy status.

Overall a capturing piece of writing that went from calm to twisted to sudden danger in just a few lines. I enjoyed the continuously prompting question of defining what is real and what is fake and a loss of reality. The relegion and media really solidifies the reality the characters live in.


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