The Pioneers Of Computer History

The first the Pioneers discussed was Cro Magnon (European early modern humans) whose work was prehistoric set 150,00 years ago BC. The work was an aesthetic birth, a submersion of the senses, much like an our digital installations or walk through aquariums today, your senses would experience a form of art, that could be seen, smelt and touched.

Located in a region of Southern France was a cave where Magnon had painted murals of animals such as deer, bison and bulls but also life. The cave was the house of shaman rituals, and it had smelt of herbs and animal fat and lit by stone candles.

Apart of this cultural art was finding your way to the cave, as it was very quite, very still and very dark and more than often, mystery laid ahead.

Another pioneer who stood out for me was  mathematician Alan Turing whose work i recently visited at the Science museum and whose life has been scripted into film -‘The Imitation Game’.

During the Second World War, Turing invented a series of electromechanical codebreaking machines known as ‘bombes’ which allowed the Bletchley team to crack coded messages sent by German Enigma machines, this was a pivotal event in the history of the war, some say it shortened the war by a few years, as allies were able to defeat the Nazis by being one step ahead.

Lastly, In 1990 Time Berners-Lee developed HTML which was a huge contribution to how we navigate the internet. Late 1990 he completed his work on WWW (World Wide Web) and shared it with scientists. The web is a software which unites global information that can be shared and connected. Berners- Lee transformed our digital culture as information was being shared across the globe. It is parent of most programs, websites, software and social media today. One Huge Global Connection. alan turing


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