Favourite Infographics

In this infographic, I like the use of how the infographic presents its map – how it gradually appears overtime by adding circle vectors to make up the countries. I also like the circle vector shapes with the people in them and how they pop out with a sound effect that sounds like a button.

I particularly like how it transforms into a replica of the Facebook timeline page. This was an idea I had in mind and wanted to use.

Overall the transition of informations is soft a flows and is not overbearing. I like that the text is minimal and that in general a blue pallet of colours are used as opposed to a random assortment of colours,as sometimes that can be distracting to the information.

Not related to social media, but very nice animation! I would hope to produce something similar to this. I particularly like the way the information is transformed from one shape to another without having a break. Presented in the way of life cycle.

 like the diversity of text and shapes in this infographic, its not weighted to just text or just shapes, but shows an equal amount. I like that there is no voice over but just a background song with sound affects. Its simple and flows but has a little more “oomph” than the infographic above.

In this infographic, again i like the use of people popping out of the map with a button sound affect.  I like the use of statistics and how it’s presented neatly, concisely and not overbearing – the information is associated with bulleted point vector shapes, to make a clear connection.

I had an idea to do something very similar if not exactly this – a spinning globe that would nice introduction to my statistics.

This infographic is not based on social media, but i really like the way it was presented, lots of unique animations such as a magnifying glass. Overall i find it similar to the first infographic – simple, flowing, soft and concise.

I only like this infographic for one aspect really, and that’s when the population of people appear and disappear tothe sound affects of clicking.


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