Inverse & Forward Kinematics

The aim of the lesson was to introduce two important key concepts:

  1. local axis vs global axis (object axis vs world axis)
  2. forward kinematics vs inverse kinematics

Students were provided with a site to aid in inspiration and boost the imagination. The site is compiled with vast content of animation.

My Thoughts:
This was extremely difficult to make, and took me AGES! I attempted modelling three times and each time got more and more confused over the physics and mechanisms of how and where the arm should animate. Eventually I found myself a tutorial, which was incredibly helpful! Just in general it improved my skills on C4D. I was really happy with the end result 😀 – should make my future modeling a tad less painful. aha!

The main tools that i used to create the arm was; Splines, Extrude, Symmetry and Animation. I used a lot of layers, so i had to be attentive on my hierarchy, otherwise if in the wrong order it tends to cause complications later down the line.


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