A.V.E Poster

The AVE poster was homework set for the Christmas break holidays. Students created a poster from scratch, choosing any style or theme freely. It was recommended that inspiration be drawn from posters found on Pinterest.

My Thoughts:
Really enjoyable project, I experimented with several images for my background before deciding on my final one! It was great fun,  I had to test what worked best, particularly when considering how to compliment the background with text.
Several things I had to account for when dealing with the font – weight, balance and contrast of color and styles.
I also added rulers in as guidelines to create a margin, this allowed me to maintain the composition and alignment of all text.

For the background, I wanted something with a gradient, so that when I masked the layers to create the offset image, it was visible to see the circles.

The picture I chose (in my interpretation) is an expression of freedom, fluidity and discipline – qualities that can be found in art.
The image is also a combination of two art forms  I feel. On one hand it is the posture of a ballet dancer in mid sequence and on the hand the chaos of material set loose, similar to concept of smoke in the air or an explosion of paint, these are also a type of art.

The fusion of ballet and material creates an entirely new image.


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