Favourite Digital Artists

Below are list of digital artists I have kept track of during my first term of modules.
When selecting two digital artists for my essay, I researched a little on each of them to see what caught my interest. The 2 digital artists that stood out for me were: Caitlind R.C Brown and Wayne Garrett and FIELD. 

List of Digital Artists

Peter Kennard
Sean Hillen
Steve Quin
HP Lovecraft
Ian Foster

Aram bartholl
Joseph delappe
Tony oursler
Ollia Lialina

Katsuki nogami
The sanley parable by galactic cafe
Welcome to pine point
3 dreams of black (www.ro.me)
Masaki fujihata – beyond pages

Chris lund – the outbreak
Alex Kiessling
Caitlind R.C Brown and Wayne Garrett
Pierre Hagghe and Philippe Parreno

United Visual Artists
Joseph Dellape

FIELD is a digital art studio comprised of artists Vera-Maria Glahn and Marcus Wendt.Glahn is the managing director of FIELD  whilst Wendt is the creative director. In collaboration they have produced an extensive range of work for galleries and festivals across Europe, the US and Asia.
Their collaboration creates dynamic and tangible artwork for digital platforms such as
audio-visual installations whereby exhibitors can Interact and engage in digital
installations, like the ‘GE – Two Words For Tomorrow’ installation that took place in
Australia. The installation translated public opinion into a digital cycle that was
expressed through a spectrum of colours and represented in the form of a stream
(Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Vera Maria Glahn & Marcus Wendt, GE – Two Words For Tommorow, 2012, Australia.

Caitland R.C Brown and Wayne Garret
Caitland R.C Brown and Wayne Garrett are a duo whose works have appeared across
Europe, the US and Asia. They have created three widely known installations together:
Their attempts are to create experiential moments shared between people. This is
achieved through projects that are versatile in mediums and materials such as artificial
lighting and architectural debris. A focus of theirs – to explore public interactivity and community collaboration – was seen in the SOLAR FLARE’S community light performance project ‘A Stab In The Dark’.

An interactive light sculpture that utilizes one large bulb in the centre
of the object projecting light through tubes. It is a representation of the sun, involving the public to participate in a ritual to summon the ‘Sun’ by lighting 1,000 sparklers as SOLAR FLARE ascends into the night sky. (Figure.2) 

Figure 2. Caitland R.C Brown and Wayne Garrett ‘SOLAR FLARE Light Performance – A Stab In The Dark’ 2014, Downtown Calgary, Canada. Installation in action.


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