Shadow Box

WDS Lesson:
Today’s topic looked at Shadow Box. Before students attempted their own, an example of what a shadow box was given and the demo to create one.

A shadow box is a text or image link which can be viewed without redirecting to a new page.
When using an image link, the image must be saved twice; one image acts as a thumbnail to the larger image, therefore one image should be saved as ‘small’ and the other ‘big’
When linking the Shadow Box to HTML, two links must be made; the first is the ‘shadow box’ folder which contains all the information which tells the site to open a link the same page. The second links are the images and/or text.

The shadow box command was then saved onto Codas ‘Exported clips’ for future use.

My Thoughts:
WDS still ranking at my favourite module so far, the lesson was easy to follow, there were a few
hiccups along the way when linking the shadow box and images to the link command, as I
forgot to link the shadow box folder firstly, otherwise a very good lesson.



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