Wabbit GIF

WDS Lesson:
Lesson four introduced Tables and GIF’s , two slightly different topics.
The first half of the lesson, students were shown how to make a simple table in HTML using a table generator. This enabled students to have a ready made table template which allows customisations of colour, font, padding and spacing, all that was needed was to input text content. Once this was achieved students copy and pasted the CSS and HTML coding from the table generator and placed it into Coda.

Second half of the lesson introduced GIF’s. Students were shown how to make a GIF using Photoshop. After editing an image of their choice, it was saved under ‘Save for Web’ allowing students to save the format as ‘GIF’. Using Filezilla or Coda the GIF was then uploaded onto the web.

My Thoughts:
Working with bunnies is always great fun! 😛 Really enjoyable lesson for both halves.
I liked that we learnt how to make tables and are now forbidden to use them in future work!! haha (outdated & painful), but it’s always good to know the basics. 🙂
I made two tables, one manually myself and one using a table generator. Manually making the table was fairly simple, slightly confusing that there are no columns and only rows, so inputting text can be confusing the first time round. The table generator is slightly less confusing as it’s all visual based.

The GIF was quite easy to make (I made two), instead of using animation in C4D, I was shown to use Photoshop instead. I haven’t decided on which one software I think is easier to use 😛




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