Developing Image Analysis Skills

DAP Lesson:
The focus of the lesson was to develop students critical thinking and apply that to an image analysis for the Digital Art Essays. The lesson looked at developing independent thought, structure (What,Why,How), representation and critical analysis.

Some of the skills were developed by taking part in an image analysis. This involved summarising a brief analysis on what one believes an image represents. The lecturer showed two pieces of artwork; one was conceptual and the other was abstract.

In addition, students first drafts were handed in, submitting approximately 500 words based on the comparison of two digital artists.

My Thoughts:
This lesson was interesting, I found myself challenged when I had to write a 300 word analysis in such a constraint time frame – as i’m not used to it. However I managed to produced something which articulated my thoughts quite well and surprised my self on the knowledge I knew about each artwork.

One of the images displayed was ‘The American Family’ by The Laughing Bones. This was a great image to start off with, because there was so much to talk about. The whole picture was a representation of the 18th century with reference to Napoleon, Industrial Revolution, Barbie, Disney and Television.


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