Syncing Audio with Animation

3DAN Lesson:
Week four was focused on developing students skills in Cinema 4D. It was comprised of modelling text quotes, animating them and synchronising it with an audio clip that read the text aloud.
During the lesson it was also suggested that animation can be achieved using Photoshop, however the majority used Cinema 4D. The primary tools used were Splines and/or MoText.
Using the font view mainly and in the perspective view for a consistent use of render, ensured the text was textured and lighted suitably.sYN My Thoughts:
Great animation lesson, there was so much creativity and freedom involved.

I chose to work with a quote from The Great Gatsby. I was inspired by the example shown to us – the font reminded me of 1950’s American Broad Shows.
I was even more inclined to pick a quote from Gatsby because the script is beautifully written and almost all commentated by Toby Maguire, so a catchy quote was easy to find.

The process of assembling out text together and animating was tricky, more so the latter, but nonetheless was really enjoyable. Overall it was a good lesson to cement our C4D skills.


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