Masks & Layers

 PBI Lesson:

Week two of this module began with an introduction to the LRC, information was given to students on how best to access all our resources through the use of ‘moodle’ and other online e-resources/libraries. In addition it was explained how to navigate through the library to find a particular book or genre by its reference number.

Next, the lecturer showed some examples of digital artists and their work, In hope to be of some inspiration. A mini project was set up for students to create their own collage based on a topic of their choice.

Within the project the goals to be met:
1. It had to represent the past and present (open to the students own interpretation),
2. Photographs must be sourced from the LRC only
3. A minimum of 3 photos must be used and 1 of the 3 must be in black & white.

My Thoughts:
This lesson was both exciting and frustrating, although I managed to find images and piece together a theme, the hunt to find images was a pain. During the LRC I had selected so many images, some were irrelevant to what I needed and added to my pile of potentials, whilst others I specifically searched for, were difficult to find.

My theme became apparent when I came across the book ‘Fruits’ by Shoichi Aoki & Igor Zabel. It was so colourful that I wanted to contrast it with a black white background.

The particular image I had chosen from ‘Fruits’ were a representation of 2 very brightly coloured individuals whose expressions were quite broken. I thought it was great representation of memory, loss and grievance for their culture back in 1945 when the atomic bomb hit Japanese cities; Hiroshima and Nagasaki. My collage conveys a message of destruction and pain that is still remembered by Japanese citizens today.

For those who know me well, will know I have a fondness for animals and so i wanted to include something personal to my collage. The book ‘Dogs’ by Elliot Erwitt had a variety of images of dogs that were both stray and owned.
The two images of the dogs in my collage are stray dogs, representing the innocent and conveying an image of personal ‘habitat’ destroyed with a lack of understanding for their involvement in the war.

My final image was the animated Kawaii drawing. The input of this was to represent the future/present day, demonstrating how creativity and animation have advanced presently, and what our generation is capable of producing.
More importantly the image is self explanatory and portrays the literal representation of mourning the loss of someone loved and forcibly separating what is clearly attached.

Lastly the background is the main feature and sets the tone for the collage, representing the destruction and result of the atomic bomb hitting an individual house.

Below are a mixture of images that I used and others were potential uses.


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