Introduction To C4D: Part I

3DAN Lesson:
Second week animation was an ambitious topic, the lesson had advanced onto 3D modelling an aesthetically pleasing environment.
This required a bit more skill and thought process, but also good memory skills, as it involved working with several layers.
The lesson introduced new tools such as extruder, spline, freehand and bend. It also developed skills in navigation around the interface and the ‘X, Y, Z’  axis i.e rotation, zoom in/out and object manipulation.

The lesson began with drawing the trees with the tool free hand, extruding it and experimenting with the object settings i.e segments, width, and caps. The tree’s were then grouped together as a whole object and multiplied to make more trees. The method was repeated for other objects such as flowers and fences. Later the floor was added and the landscape was placed.

My Thoughts:
Hmm this lesson…it was exciting but I found it very challenging. It was quite fiddly and technical and there was a bit too much going on all at once, that I found myself trying to do everything all at the same time :S – which is a great recipe to send me into panic mode :P, eventually I got the hang of it, It took me some time to understand how the programme operated, but once I did, I manage to pick up the pace.

It was a little frustrating that I was producing over sized objects (without realizing) and dodgy drawn trees, as I usually like to have everything uniform, however below I have some examples of generators and modifiers that can be used to create shapes to add to the environment.


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