WDS Lesson:
Week 1 of Web design skills was an introduction to HTML and CSS; the platform used for web design. The basic structure of HTML and CSS can be used across any application, however the software preference for this module was Mac’s Coda. This lesson was focused only on HTML and covered the basic inputs of commands to build structure using symbols (<) (>), and clearly identifying the structure of a webpage i.e head, title, body, footer.
After creating the  index page, the software Filezilla was used to officially upload it onto the web.

Ki: My most enjoyable module of them all, I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson for so many reasons! 🙂 As i am dyspraxic I almost find it therapeutic in a weird sense. This is because everything i do in my personal and academic life, I record down for my own sanity  😛

The nice thing about WDS  is… it’s all about recording!! I record down my list of commands, edit them, link CSS’s  to HTML’S etc..
All of my work is in front of me and it’s a very visual way of learning (IMO) which is how I learn best., and it’s even more enjoyable because I get to be massively creative with styling.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.32.30



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