PBI Lesson:
Week 1 of Pixel Base Imaging was an introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC. The aim of the lesson was to learn the fundamentals of the software and to navigate around the toolbars efficiently by using an extensive range of shortcuts such as Command N to create a new file, Command D for deselect and Command T to transform etc.

Students worked with a chosen image of their desire and experimented with various ways the image could be manipulated. This was achieved through an accumulation of layers; working on parts of the image separately and bringing it together toward the end, with the option to merge layers.

Within the layers, the image was primarily manipulated through the use of colour exaggeration and/or transforming it to a slightly cartoon-ey effect.
Tools used included, polygonal lasso, magic wand, paint bucket, paint brush, eyedropper, rubber etc.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this lesson, I found it to be very creative and enjoyable! At first I found the awkwardness of not being familiar with any of the tools a burden… like a disadvantage rather than a value, but the more I experimented with my layers, the more value my tools brought, and even better I was  discovering new tools! 😀 


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