Collision Blocks

3DAN Lesson:
Week 1 of 3D Animation was an introduction to two bits of key software; Photoshop & Cinema 4D (C4D). The aim of the lesson was to learn the fundamentals of each software and to navigate around the tool-bars efficiently by using an extensive range of shortcuts such as Command N to create a new file, Command R for rulers and Command T to transform an object etc.

The topic of the lesson ‘3D modelling and animation of heads’ was a great way for students to introduce themselves to one another.

In pairs, photographs were taken front, back, top, and sides of the head. It was then manipulated in the programme Adobe Photoshop CC where numerous skills were developed such as, cut and paste (the basics), onto adding rulers and grids (a grasp on scale) and advancing through to various techniques of image manipulation such as; burn, crop, blur, resize, rubber, blend etc.

After break, the images from Photoshop were imported into Cinema 4D, where the animation took place. By creating a cube the 5 separated images of the head were placed onto the faces of the cube. A floor and lighting were added to create the environment. The next steps involved; simulating the cubes – collide, cloning to make multiple cubes, experimenting with emitter settings –  thus creating different responses between the cubes and the floor, such as friction, speed, collision.

My Thoughts:
Overall a good lesson, and a good introduction to C4D 🙂


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