Task 1A / 1B


Task 1A

The task was designed to get us thinking and developing rapid ideas in a short space of time. It was achieved by visualising on post it notes a broad range of concepts – 99 solutions to a problem that can be as radical or as normal as we like. It was encouraged to be as creative as possible, however 1 idea per post it note and in one colour only.

For this task the it was to find 99 ‘reasons for being late to class’.


What worked about this task was that I could understand the goal behind it; to generate as many ideas as possible, thinking within the box and pushing the ideas out to continue developing them further, almost like a cycle… and doing this is a short time frame. It was clever because it enabled my mind to expand and before I knew it..ideas were flowing out effortlessly…you almost surprise yourself with how many ideas you can generate when you write them down.

What I liked about this way of thinking was that I learnt how flexible my thoughts could be, never dwelling on one idea for too long but instead putting pressure on myself to come up with the next one whilst simultaneously working on my current one, this way at the end, I’m abundant in choices.

The downfall to this was I was overwhelmed with so much choice that it was easy to become indecisive – this is where I found group work helped a lot!

In groups we assembled categories which narrowed down our choices and provided some order, making decision making a lot less tedious.

The interesting thing about categorising was there were many solutions relevant to multiple categories, so it was an exercise in itself as a group to prioritise what solutions we thought were best matched in their categories.

Overall I feel this task was relevant, an ice breaker and very creative, I can see it being very beneficial in the industry, particularly in teamwork but also good if you’re struggling and stuck at a creative barrier.

Below are images of post it notes taken from class and categorised under ‘time keeping’.
Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 22.48.23.png

Below is the extension task to create 99 solutions to our own concept. 

What are 99 Ways to be happy? 

1. To Live

2. To Be Healthy

3. To Have Choices

4. To Make Choices

5. To Have Family

6. To Have Friends

7. To Be Grateful

8. To Feel Emotion; Proud, Nostalgic, Excited

9. To Love Someone

10. To Be In Love

11. To Reminisce The Good Times & The Bad

12. To Be Aware

13. To Appreciate

14. To Be Creative

15. To Be Inspired

16. To Ask Questions

17. To Wonder

18. To Exercise

19. To Eat

20. To Celebrate

21. To Explore

22. To Be Comfortable

23. To Be Successful

24. To Have Achievements

25. To Self-Love

26. To Accept

27. To Ignore

28. To Move-On

29. To Understand

30. To Forgive

31. To Be Forgiven

32. To Pray

33. To Be Knowledgeable

34. To Have Responsibilities

35. To Have No Responsibilities

36. To Be Generous

37. To Be Kind

38. To Be Charitable

39. To Help

40. To Be Social

41. To Be Introverted

42. To Soak In a Hot Tub

43. To Eat Sweet Foods

44. To Set Goals

45. To Be Motivated

46. To Go To Events; Theme Parks, Party’s, Exhibitions, Galleries

47. To Own Materialism; House, Car

48. To Own Nothing

49. To Be Free

50. To Be Punctual

51. To Be Confident

52. To Be Competitive

53. To Be Relaxed

54. To Feel Safe

55. To Be Understood

56. To Use Your Internal Compass; Heart, Mind, Gut Instinct

57. To Own and Love a Pet

58. To Strive

59. To Avoid Comparison

60. To Be Spiritual

61. To Be Scientific

62. To Read Literature

63. To Study The Arts

64. To Seek Out Opportunity

65. To Get Lost

66. To Be Spontaneous

67. To Be Organised

68. To Have Routine

69. To Escape

70. To Be Selfless

71. To Be Selfish

72. To Commit

73. To Learn

74. To Grow

75. To Be Considerate

76. To Lie

77. To Laugh

78. To Be Active

79. To Be Involved

80. To Be Ordinary

81. To Be Extraordinary

82. To Be Admired

83. To Have Hope

84. To Have Faith

85. To Trust a Person or Self

86. To Be Fearless

87. To Have Courage

88. To Cook

89. To Be Hygienic

90. To Be Alpha

91. To Be Beta

92. To Be Independent

93. To Be Dependent

94. To Be Ambitious

95. To Be Recognised

96. To Be Loved

97. To Enjoy The Simple Things In Life

98. To Nurture Something or Someone

99. To Be Mortal

99 solutions categorised into; 

Task 1B

Similar to Task 1A the same rules apply, however the use of two colours were suggested and only illustration was allowed as our form of communication, this was to project our personal flare and reflect a little bit about ourselves to our audience. At the end the ideas were organised as a class.

For this task 99 solutions to be found for ‘a helium filled balloon out of reach i.e ceiling’


Not immediately but not as far as I had hoped when it came to finding 99 solutions…I found myself struggling to get to the first ten! I think this could have been because of the variety of an additional colour and only being able to illustrate – which meant that every post it note has little repetition unlike prior to writing a sentence or singular word in Task 1A.

Therefore because of this my ideas were limited to what I could visually communicate and found myself dismissing many ideas that I would have otherwise wrote down. Also the additional colour of a pen gave me more choice to work with, which meant more thought went behind how I could create something, what the two colours signify and how to make this applicable through to every post it.

Overall an extra pen and illustration instead of words doesn’t sound like a huge leap, but for me there was a lot of thought that went behind executing the idea coherently to make sure my audience understands as opposed to generating ideas rapidly. So for me personally it wasn’t a thriving task.

Below are images of my post it notes taken from class and images of group categories.


Below is the extension task to create 99 solutions to our own concept. 

99 solutions categorised into;